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Hanging at LEAPcon in 360º video with The Game Veda


Blog Talk Radio: Cutting-Edge Forces Transforming Society - A Talk With Innovator John Hanacek

Talking with John Craig of "Can Rock and Roll Save America" was so fun! We touch may subjects here, from tangible work on a Retrofit Revolution to improve homes and cultural experience in suburban America, to gun violence, compassion and how to transmute anger into solutions. What a conversation, I'm still thinking from it!


Millennial Universe Radio - Using TEchnology for "good"

Interviewed by Alison Sher, the talented creator of Millennial Universe and writer of the upcoming book "The Millennials Guide to the Universe", alongside Svetlana Saitsky, Lead Storyteller at on the topic: using technology for "good;" what that means and how we can do it. Such a fun conversation! I'm so honored to have met both Alison and Svetlana, they are bringers of hope. Technology reflects human intention and we are all humans, so what do we wish to make?



Kevin Kelley asked the crowd to envision plausible and desirable 100 year futures in 100 words and offered $100 as a reward for the one he would most like to live in. Kelley's commentary on envisioning positive futures is powerful and his contribution of a desirable future is inspiring. 

"It’s a hard assignment. Compressing anything as messy as the future into 100 words is a near-impossible challenge. Almost like writing poetry. And 100 years is so immensely distant from us that we need to fictionalize it. But the most difficult part is imagining a scenario that is desirable.

"My choice for the most plausible vision of a future I desire goes to John Hanacek’s scenario. I think I’d like to live there, and I think it is plausible in 100 years. My $100 goes to him." - Kevin Kelley,

"Beyond Network Feudalism" - Huffington Post

Invited to contribute to discussion surrounding Jeremy Rifkin's book Zero Marginal Cost Society. 

"Data is emerging as the new 'oil,' the new resource, the ultimate distillation of all civilization into an exponential pool of zeros and ones..."

"Internet as Answer Engine" - Atlantic Council

Part 1 - Promise | Part 2 - Peril

"In this two-part blog, John Hanacek forecasts a future in which the line between material and virtual reality is gradually more blurred, with people living in both realms simultaneously. In this new world, the Internet may also be increasingly a real-time extension of our memory and our access to knowledge, answering our questions before they are even posed and potentially manipulating our desires and our behavior. Hanacek looks first at the upside of the 'answer engine Internet' and then at its dangers."


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