AIHM Annual Advances In Biofield Medicine Pre-Conference

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 Toward Studying Miracles

Toward Studying Miracles

Was honored to get a scholarship to attend the AIHM Annual Advances in Biofield Medicine Pre-Conference event. Featured amazing speakers and great insight. Big takeaway was that we all need to get at least 15 minutes a day of bare feet to ground contact. Seriously. Grounding is essential for health.

 the heart is a field

the heart is a field

James Oschman showed some great explainers and proposed a simple explanation of the heart that I have found much more accurate than the old way: “Maybe the heart is a field that extends throughout the universe.”

I became emotional in the closing session when Larry Dossey recounted a story of telling a terminal patient of his to, “get comfortable with living forever.” Dossey opened his heart bare to the reality of death and the immutability of the energy of which we are made. This truth-telling brought about great benefit for the patient he ‘leveled with.’ Dossey stated, and I agree, that the belief that our life ends when our brain stops firing has caused much pain. A return to having never left is needed.

Rosalyn Bruyere spoke elegantly and pointedly about the power of our healing hands and the oddness of living in air-conditioned boxes and insulated rubber shoes. She was a breath of fresh energy and got us standing up and playing with our energy, which is always appreciated!

All of the speakers were wonderful. For me it was extra great to hear and see Shamini Jain there, as I have gotten to meet her a few times and she is amazing! See her talk on the reality of the Placebo Effect and check out the Consciousness and Healing Initiative which she co-founded.

Overall this community is brave and creative enough to ask after deep questions as to what healing really is and what our bodies actually are. This is a field to watch ;)

Interestingly, much of what was said I have heard in some form from buddhist texts, such as the dharma blossom sutra. One passage breaks the mind well: The reality mark of all realities is that they are both empty and existent, and neither empty nor existent.

From my perspective, quantum physics has been a de-materializing of the scientific model of reality into informatics and computation (probability, pattern, and counting) which has let it get close to a shared mind interoperation as the buddhist texts have done (no edges to thought, consider where the reflection in a mirror exists). Now still though we need the component of the heart and meaning to make sense of this, and the courage to see ourSelf again and again.

I brought my Magic Leap One with me and showed off a quick demo I made called HoloHealing which had hand tracked ‘holograms’ and a sound wand, along with letting people use the Create app. Overall response was very good, practitioners, even the energy healer Rosalyn Bruyere who spoke really seemed to enjoy the Magic Leap One. One female practitioner even remarked after doing some painting in ML1 that she ‘didn’t get sick like in the other headsets.’ This gives me more confidence that the folks at Magic Leap are making healthy technology, as VR has a notorious and not well understood gender divide, and the fact that Magic Leap was working for women was great news for getting this technology beyond just games and toys and into the healing arts.


I was there to learn about the cutting edge of the biofield, but also to show the Magic Leap One to this community. My current journey is in getting the skills I need to build visualization tools for biofield research and healing. There are sensors out there, like BioWell (who was at the conference showing their cool tech) and Heartmath’s +heart unit, which can be unified into a holistic view inside of Mixed Reality headsets.

HoloHealing will continue to evolve as a meditation trainer and ‘energy cleansing’ environment based upon Pranic Healing principles of using colored light to clean the subtle bodies.

More to come on this, including software ;)

Download full notes from pre-conference as PDF (~5MB)

Read More Papers on the Biofield with my Notes 

 Holographic Healing - johnhanacek


Went to DEFCON 26 in Las Vegas for just a few days and it was really fun! The badges are an amazing avenue I want to explore with more interactive versions - the battery tech needs improvement!

A sandstorm rolled in one night.

Really enjoyed seeing this robot at DEFCON 26 - the demo where someone put a plant on top of one of these and it could move into the light and dance when it needed watering of the plant is one of my favorite things I've ever seen!

Eye-opening talk from DEFCON 26, what hidden doors lurk inside of 'secure' systems??

Met some amazing people and am super stoked to go to DEFCON 27 !

The Bardo Of the Early Thousands {Poem}

Look wearily onward, outward. Keep scrolling or else your inner light might find you!The world is so small only when you don’t go anywhere in person.

To have the stars covered with our light blinds us to the future.

We fly in jets and bemoan the wait times. We have the methods for all solutions yet choose squabble.

There’s a fear here lurking next to words. So I’ll grab it.

We fear happiness.

What if our plans work out? What if we are more common than foe?

This might change so many identities!

The cloud exists and does not, its potential always there even when the skies are clear.

How many industries languish in pathetic under-technologization?

How many humans languish in pathetic over-technologization?

Your computer is not as cool as you think, it literally becomes hot just by using it!

Every problem is a nail when you built an AI hammer.

To think that something is unreal or magical is to take a lazy route to keeping it unrefined.

The games we play with each other need maintenance at the base lest they all mean nothing.

An electric car with a lithium battery made of plastic, try harder please.

A vision of the future with glass skyscrapers and some plants tacked on, try harder please.

There are real futures here for us to build and they look like old growth forests and feel like freedom, while still binding us in the blanked of law.

When I commit folly, you would punish me? No wonder you live in fear and never reveal your folly, for your approach means I would punish you!

But that’s not what I want at all! I want to build a faster plane with you.

Zoom hypersonic jet across the world to help save the Maldives, or at least document the biodiversity before the plastic eats it.

Tourism? Aren’t you sick of sleeping? The covers are starting to get putrid.

You are awake? Oh great! Now get out of bed.

You are a light warrior? Oh great, figure out how to fix the platform of buildings and food production before you give us whiplash with all your new monies and religions.

Want to build a new world? Start with the dirt.

Want to inspire a new dirt, start the with art.

When biology serves humanity will we advertise it to ourselves again?

When we realize that there is no wizard behind our techno curtains we can stop criticising and start critiquing and start co-designing.

Of course facebook has no idea what it’s doing, we trust them as magicians. But they eat and poop and sleep and fuck, sometimes it’s good, sometimes its rote, but always they have blood and are alive just as we are.

Falling for advertising? Try falling in love!

New paradigms are here! Where do I sign! Wait, who’s responsible for this working out well again?

If you look hard enough at a straight line it bends. If you feel hard enough at a straight line it taps you in the back.

Flat Earth is a matter of perspective and the folks just want to play together. It’s like a game! But maybe professionalism matters when games run the world…

You and I we are one or whatever, but that comes later in death, as it happens always in life.

Right now we are creating a middle. So let loose, shake off your feathers and dream with me. If air travel makes you frustrated, let’s plan a new version! Let’s engage to find the pieces needed to make it better!

You get ‘tired’ when you work? No you get tired when you sleep! Wake up and try! Gosh dang what if you allowed yourself a dream that never ended. What if your dreams were controlled like waking state? What if you had no fear that you didn’t know because you had a stronger feeling that someone out there did?

I don’t have the answer, can you help me find it?

We can save the world but maybe let’s dream that it doesn’t need saving? Do victims still exist when no one wants to be a hero?

The balance between the dark and light is a painting of our being. Everyone has different styles but all of us have hearts that beat.

So what about we flourish and look curiously at each other.

A gay man does not make your wife less attractive, unless he does, in which case cut yourself some slack and feel your dream!

A world of serious everything is less powerful than cute victory.

Believe in yourself only as much as it lets you stay open to learning.

When I think I know everything I’m a fart in the wind.

When I know I can be more I’m the wind getting rid of my fart.

Either way, by the grace of Earth’s systems and imagination, something can figure out how to use the methane.


The Exponentials Are Here

Here they are, The Exponentials, the generation once weakly called 'Z', the ones behind the millennials. For the Exponentials technology is not interesting in and of itself. They grew up in an Aether of internet with phones faster than supercomputers of old. Starting in the 90s we began to separate. Each year of being alive in the Exponential generation looks different from the last in enough profound socio-technical ways that lumping them is impossible. When my 10 year old next door neighbor came over with a robot that balances on its own that you drive with a phone and asked me (27) and my brother (23) if we ‘had this when we were kids’ we could only laugh and explain that when we were kids computers weighed 15 pounds and gyroscopes cost thousands of dollars. He didn’t really understand.

Exponential technological change has created a segmentation of experience between generations that takes years to change, not decades; and it’s getting faster.

Let’s quickly compare a 6 year old’s general technological landscape since 1990:

A child born in 1990 (me) used a computer plugged into the wall that was a heavy box when they were 6 years old and a very text-heavy internet at 56k dialup. A child born in 1995 could have had broadband internet allowing them to upload and download rich media. A child born in 2000 could have had wireless internet and a laptop to work with and a few more videos with some social media blossoming up. A child born in 2005 had wireless internet by default with multiple communication and networking channels all in rich media. A child born in 2010 can potentially access virtual reality and definitely has omnipresent smartphone access with infinite communication channels, 3D printing access, and even access to entirely new kinds of money. A child born in 2015 will have mixed reality headsets and holographics, intelligent inferential computing, potentially even 4D reactive printing materials, quantum computing access, ‘action voxels’ such as synthetic biology and swarm robotics, their real-world becoming programmatic.

This is why the only generational definition that matters is Exponential. Each ‘childhood’ experience is now defined by vast leaps in technological capability. Each specific experience looks different in what tools and toys are around. Yet each childhood experience is unified by a dark thread: the unaddressed trauma and cost of the weight of human action on the world.

The Exponentials are here, they swim in the Internet and they think with each other in rich hypermedia as their default way of being. There is no lost dream for them, no economy that should be working better, only the tools to build a better one. They care about the real, deep issues and they have little luxury for distractions on rat races and exploitation. They can’t be told to stop because they have too many resources for moving forward. They don’t just appear on talk shows, they make them daily for fun. For them technology is used in context, yet not marveled at as its own achievement. Only the actions matter. There is no other option than deep social reform.

The teens of Parkland are our signal. The Exponentials have arrived. These brave humans are riding the ripples of convergent technological ability to fix real and very old issues. We waited for super heros when they are already among us. The Exponentials are already working, picking up on the threads left behind by the previous generations. The Exponentials have no distinctions between what is allowed and what should be done. They care not for titles and honors, only for the safety of their friends and loved ones. You cannot convince them that the world is ‘ok’ and they should just wait it out because they know better, in their hearts and minds. They cannot and will not stop until the world has been cleaned up. They are articulate, able to query global expertise at the tap of some fingers, and soon with merely looking and thinking into EEG readers on their headsets.

Each year the technological tools at their disposal will only get exponentially more powerful. Their networks will only get exponentially more interconnected. The movement is here. The Exponentials have arrived.

It is all other generations’ duty to help them and invite them into the meetings. They’ll find their way eventually, so let’s network with them now. Millennials, drop your cynicism, let go of your shields. Forget the faded vision of capitalism past. Join your brothers and sisters of the Exponentials to create a golden chain into the new future. One where we do not hide from trauma, nor wallow in it, rather network with each other to transform trauma into action. A world where we know only two things: problems are inevitable, and problems are solvable, together.

The real exponential change of our time is in the people ourselves: we have the means to communicate with light and radio. There is no more need to stay in the shadows. Rise up and find the others. Rise up and we are uplifting the world.

The jewel of our age, the ones who swim in cyberspace as fish, unaware of the novelty of their medium, these are the ones who will connect the dots. The Exponentials are here. Let’s get to work brothers and sisters, the next phase has begun.

 Deep dream of a CNN placeholder

If you are an Exponential, check out Teens Dream video contest & social platform as an avenue to get your goal out there and connect with other change-makers.

I helped start this contest back in 2014 under the Global Co Lab which I'm on the board of. Connect with me for more info.

What Does "Distributed" Really Mean?

Recently 'distributed' ledger processing/storage systems of blockchain technology are beginning to enter more mainstream adoption, with a bow-wave from technologically savvy, financially savvy and otherwise 'aware' people acting as adopters and evangilists.

But what does the word 'distributed' actually mean? For a while now I have been concerned with the rhetoric of social empowerment often in ICOs not matching up to realities of distribution of wealth - or at least concerned that we did not have clear ways of studying this.

Recently I have found some research beginning to give us a handle on just how 'distributed' these new financial systems are.

These are worth a read because they begin to strip away the claims and leave us with a real picture of how to ensure that the ethos of 'distributed' actually comes to pass. We will not achieve equity through willful ignorance or wishful thinking, but only through action and design informed by genuine curiosity and meaningful comparisons of intentions to actual outcomes.

I have written about Moving Beyond Network Feudalism as we have it today, and mentioned blockchains. Yet 'blockchain' alone is not enough to actually guarantee equitable distribution of assets. Governance and morality is not leaving us alone in our techno-future, but instead is becoming even more important, even as it atomizes and re-factors itself.

I have always been and will continue to be a watchdog of where power actually exists and how it is truly expressed; not just power as we want it to be, but power as it really is. 

With blockchains I'm becoming more interested in how to enforce any of these claims than even the systems themselves: {Watch Talk (5 Min)} Defense Against the Bullshit Arts: ICO Whitepaper Edition

As I wrote about with the emergence of Participation as Commodity, old power-law dynamics can resurface without deliberate counter design in the system. 

Jaron Lanier's "Who Owns the Future" is required reading for all who are involved with blockchain systems.

Hope for a better future is based somewhat in fear and can sometimes obscure truths, I prefer a designer's perspective: know the system as it is and work with that reality to nudge it toward the affordances you desire. More than Hope, we need exploration and genuine inquiry.

From "The Origin Of Wealth"

Technology as embodied in markets has been and is ever more becoming beyond the realm of schematic - economics is the study of complexity and interface, of fitness landscapes and energy gradients.

This means that whatever claims one might want to make upon the nature of any system deployed amongst the others, the interaction of all will ultimately make such claims only temporary equilibria.

From "The Origin Of Wealth"

As Paul Saffo quickly explains:

"Uncertainty is the signature of this moment, and it hints at the shape of the new economic order. We have entered the 'Great Turbulence,' a period of high amplitudes, rapid oscillations, and scarce equilibrium. Short-cycle events will punctuate the landscape, events like May 2010’s “flash crash,” when the Dow Jones industrial average plunged — and rebounded — nearly 1,000 points within a few minutes. Once upon a time, it took months or years to recover from a crash; now, both plunge and rebound can unfold in nanoseconds."

We're living in an economic jungle, and quantifying the jungle into the economy. Managing an economy is likely the wrong way to go about working with natural complexity. Rather, what about plant, grow and farm? 

Closing thought:

All the algorithms won't feed us without food. The land and plants are the true reality that supports our fanciful abstractions, and also the land and plants serve as a better metaphor for our abstractions than our own convoluted mechanical attempts to order. Biology, that's us included, is a direct reflection of the land, an impression made by layers of fractal food built up upon itself. So even our most abstract desires must still contend with the ground. 

Blockchains are still in buildings. And even in the future when nanoRFID motes form a fractal voxel dust across our selves as earth, they will still cling to topographies.