Exploring the Limits of Trying

This universe! Made of transformation! Endless trying! 

And now we have computers: machines for exponentially increasing the ability to try.
Anyone who endeavors to think about the world must engage with computation as one of their lenses. Computation is a culture embodied in a sea of standing metaphors. Listen closely to the computer, hear its subtle unique vibrations? It is the universe being a computer, matter made to obey math. But sometimes not...

The culture that built the computer did not value vibrations, it valued pieces. It knew about vibrations, it just didn't value them enough to work with them like they liked to work with pieces. 
Turing designed a simple assembly line in his head and had the genius to use it to assemble information. Today's computers are made from this same design. Trillions of fluttering 1/0 switches piping data down lines in rows sequentially. So today's computers generate electromagnetic fields as a byproduct of the segmented interacting electricity boxes, not as their primary goal.

Needless to say, science has changed since the idea of a computer was first opened up!
Tomorrow's computers are built from entangled fields. Particles themselves all tips of waves, states are induced by getting hundreds of standing wave tips to hum together as one. Oscillations along the standing waves create resonances in the entangled hum. This means that no longer will computers be an assembly line. Instead they will become a literal mathematical symphony. 

Something new is happening from the primal agelessness: exploring the transformation style "computation." There is clear thinking that illuminates the scale, but the specific designs still elude everyone. I think it's because we are still stuck inside this same boring box-based culture!!!! haha This is a time celebrated in history: when the fabric of the cosmos is most aligned for re-arranging in the very most literal sense! "

The time is upon us, dawning through us. 

What of power clashes when the world is fully realized as being for trying?
When the universe is realized as a song what wonderful responsibility to find all the music?
When humans continue becoming wizards and gods of our myths!
We can program the world through song and brush.
Then the artists must play, and from the heart, no mere near reflection of culture, come all the way back to reflect reflection itself.