Art Math, Math Art - Toward a Boundless Grounded Infinity

Anything digitized has become an abstraction, so let's embrace it. When I draw into a computer with the flourish of my hand we can take it beyond pixels, beyond even vectors, toward universal mapping attempts, toward a truly metamedium. A curve drawn by hand is a chance to try fitting a function to the line. A function is just waiting to become metaphorical graphics. Digital ink will move beyond 'networked paper' to become a magical plane where computer vision partners with the human hand functioning as an interactive external imagination. From sketch to code, from code to sketch, no longer a pipeline but rather a constellation of possibilities, an ever-expanding network of opportunities to map expressiveness and flow to logic and math directly. 

And as an amazing first demo available today, Chalktalk has just gone open source! I wrote about it two years ago when it was still research code that I got access to, now everyone can play!

Harness Semiotics to create external thinking support, make it interactive as digital inking.

Harness Semiotics to create external thinking support, make it interactive as digital inking.

Two papers I wrote at Georgetown's Communication Culture & Technology program are loaded with nuggets, even if don't read them through, give them a skim!

Retrieve ideas from the past to enable a new conversational medium.

See what wonders we create As We May Sketch.

Harness the power of drawing into computers to let a blank canvas become running code, bridge fuzzy expression with rigid logics into an extensible by default play/work-space for all ages. 

Explore the concepts that can help us get there:

Conceptual Blending - PDF notesheet

Bridge Blurry Inputs With Formal Rigid Logics - Blog

Making As Method - Riddles & Jokes - PDF notesheet

See notes below and start seeing my trajectory of thinking. Apologies for the crazy writing in some parts, I'm pulling the curtain back on my madness so it won't all be directly interpretable! 

I love computing's affordances, especially when used to make digital ink, now it's time to bring the computer to life at the depth of mind with the speed and intuitive action of our hands.

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Allow for infinite mappings.

Allow for infinite mappings.

squares to cube.PNG
Thinking about a visual thinking medium.

Thinking about a visual thinking medium.