The Bardo Of the Early Thousands {Poem}

Look wearily onward, outward. Keep scrolling or else your inner light might find you!The world is so small only when you don’t go anywhere in person.

To have the stars covered with our light blinds us to the future.

We fly in jets and bemoan the wait times. We have the methods for all solutions yet choose squabble.

There’s a fear here lurking next to words. So I’ll grab it.

We fear happiness.

What if our plans work out? What if we are more common than foe?

This might change so many identities!

The cloud exists and does not, its potential always there even when the skies are clear.

How many industries languish in pathetic under-technologization?

How many humans languish in pathetic over-technologization?

Your computer is not as cool as you think, it literally becomes hot just by using it!

Every problem is a nail when you built an AI hammer.

To think that something is unreal or magical is to take a lazy route to keeping it unrefined.

The games we play with each other need maintenance at the base lest they all mean nothing.

An electric car with a lithium battery made of plastic, try harder please.

A vision of the future with glass skyscrapers and some plants tacked on, try harder please.

There are real futures here for us to build and they look like old growth forests and feel like freedom, while still binding us in the blanked of law.

When I commit folly, you would punish me? No wonder you live in fear and never reveal your folly, for your approach means I would punish you!

But that’s not what I want at all! I want to build a faster plane with you.

Zoom hypersonic jet across the world to help save the Maldives, or at least document the biodiversity before the plastic eats it.

Tourism? Aren’t you sick of sleeping? The covers are starting to get putrid.

You are awake? Oh great! Now get out of bed.

You are a light warrior? Oh great, figure out how to fix the platform of buildings and food production before you give us whiplash with all your new monies and religions.

Want to build a new world? Start with the dirt.

Want to inspire a new dirt, start the with art.

When biology serves humanity will we advertise it to ourselves again?

When we realize that there is no wizard behind our techno curtains we can stop criticising and start critiquing and start co-designing.

Of course facebook has no idea what it’s doing, we trust them as magicians. But they eat and poop and sleep and fuck, sometimes it’s good, sometimes its rote, but always they have blood and are alive just as we are.

Falling for advertising? Try falling in love!

New paradigms are here! Where do I sign! Wait, who’s responsible for this working out well again?

If you look hard enough at a straight line it bends. If you feel hard enough at a straight line it taps you in the back.

Flat Earth is a matter of perspective and the folks just want to play together. It’s like a game! But maybe professionalism matters when games run the world…

You and I we are one or whatever, but that comes later in death, as it happens always in life.

Right now we are creating a middle. So let loose, shake off your feathers and dream with me. If air travel makes you frustrated, let’s plan a new version! Let’s engage to find the pieces needed to make it better!

You get ‘tired’ when you work? No you get tired when you sleep! Wake up and try! Gosh dang what if you allowed yourself a dream that never ended. What if your dreams were controlled like waking state? What if you had no fear that you didn’t know because you had a stronger feeling that someone out there did?

I don’t have the answer, can you help me find it?

We can save the world but maybe let’s dream that it doesn’t need saving? Do victims still exist when no one wants to be a hero?

The balance between the dark and light is a painting of our being. Everyone has different styles but all of us have hearts that beat.

So what about we flourish and look curiously at each other.

A gay man does not make your wife less attractive, unless he does, in which case cut yourself some slack and feel your dream!

A world of serious everything is less powerful than cute victory.

Believe in yourself only as much as it lets you stay open to learning.

When I think I know everything I’m a fart in the wind.

When I know I can be more I’m the wind getting rid of my fart.

Either way, by the grace of Earth’s systems and imagination, something can figure out how to use the methane.