Holo Healing™ on Magic Leap One

Conceptual Design, Initial Prototype Development on Magic Leap One, 3D Video & Graphics.

Proposed Pitch submitted to Magic Leap for Creator Grant

Concept and UX designer

Interactive Mockups, Project Management

Served as a lead conceptual and UX designer for - responsible for developing ideas into functioning interactive mockups for team communication and usage. Interfaced with development team to implement complex multi-modal interface designs into the existing web platform.

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Perception Travel

Senior Paradigms Designer, Systems & Strategy, Mobile App Design

Ongoing project with open leanings lets me share work in progress!

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President, Partner, Brand Design Lead

Business Development, Graphic Design, Video Production, Marketing, Web

Product itself was invented by my dad David, I'm the communicator.

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Blok Dok

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Product Designer

Brand Creation, Photography, Website & Packaging.



Global Co Lab

Board Member, Advisor

Conceptual design, organizational strategy, logo design, consulting

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Global Co Lab Wisdom Bridge Session at Wilson Center in Washington, DC

Global Co Lab Wisdom Bridge Session at Wilson Center in Washington, DC

Finding shared interests between 'millenial' and 'boomer' participants from a survey

Finding shared interests between 'millenial' and 'boomer' participants from a survey

Teens Dream

Board Member, Advisor, Co-Founder, dream hubs design team

Under Global Co Lab, Teens Dream empowers teenaged humans to share their ideas, dreams and goals through video. Winners are brought out to Washington DC, where they are introduced to relevant mentors. All participants are part of the Dream Hub platform which uses chat, video call and cloud tech via facilitation by Teens Dream members to foster the next generation of creative solutions to global needs. 

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Teens Dream award banquet 2016

Teens Dream award banquet 2016

Join host, Nathan Bynum, on "Youth Can Change The World." In this episode, he interviews the founders of Teens Dream, a global video contest where teens make two minute videos about their dreams. In addition to interviewing the teen and adult founders of Teens Dream, Nathan interviews a winner of the contest.

Georgetown Media Fest

Setup Website, Event Photo/Video & Flyer design for first event 2015, Participating Artist 2015 & 2016

Media Fest 2016 featuring art by Sam Redd of media fest 2015

Media Fest 2016 featuring art by Sam Redd of media fest 2015



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Photography, Site & Code Design & Implementation, 3D Model Construction

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Original drawing and site dev.

Extra Magical on Magic Leap One in Helio ;)



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Pixel Painting, concept, site dev




Design, Video, Develop 

Your influence changes the world, you are a god...ish.

'God-ish' is an interactive video installation where viewers are invited to change a peaceful looping rain scene into a lightning strike with thunder to follow with just the power of their hand.


Conceptual Design (based on 'God...Ish'), Co-Developer with Nathan Danskey

John Hanacek and Nathan Danskey present an interactive lightning storm of your own making. Using footage we shot of several storms, a kinect, and vvvv, we bring to you this stormy installation.


Design, Develop, Photography

Influence combines analogue and digital arts where a black outline of trees a wilderness camping trip is laid over a Javascript rendered projection of stars. As participants click, hold,  and move the mouse, patterns and graphics emerge in the night sky. 



Assistant AI

Concept, illustration


I have seen numerous volumetric displays such as LightSpace 3D and Looking Glass, which inspired this concept: using 3D volumetric displays to create engaging, multiple point of interaction digital receptionists and agents. Using affordances of 3D and directional microphones can allow multiple people to talk to the same agent while hearing/seeing a unique experience. The combination of tangible 3D location in real space with the affordances of multiple interactions at once can blend the best of the digital world with the reality of physical, eye-height interaction with an agent that seems real but works even more efficiently. 


CONCEPT, research, Writing


Anything digitized has become an abstraction, so let's embrace it. When I draw into a computer with the flourish of my hand we can take it beyond pixels, beyond even vectors, toward universal mapping attempts, toward a truly metamedium. A curve drawn by hand is a chance to try fitting a function to the line. A function is just waiting to become metaphorical graphics. Digital ink will move beyond 'networked paper' to become a magical plane where computer vision partners with the human hand functioning as an interactive external imagination. From sketch to code, from code to sketch, no longer a pipeline but rather a constellation of possibilities, an ever-expanding network of opportunities to map expressiveness and flow to logic and math directly. 

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Ecological Crisis

I happened upon this diagram by Gregory Bateson on a website of a professor I had in my Masters at Georgetown. I love that "hubris" is an element. I wanted to highlight hubris further, since I see it as a unique force among the ones presented in the diagram. 


Who watches the watchers? This it seems, is our job...


Conceptual Blending

Animating Fauconnier and Turner's theory of thought.

The riddle presented:

"A Buddhist monk begins at dawn one day walking up a mountain, reaches the top at sunset, meditates at the top for several days until one dawn when he begins to walk back to the foot of the mountain, which he reaches at sunset. Making no assumptions about his starting or stopping or about his pace during the trips, prove that there is a place on the path which he occupies at the same hour of the day on the two separate

Consider this riddle. Now consider how you went about considering it.

Fauconnier and Turner sought to explore and represent the analogical connective and blending ability of human cognition using diagrams. I wanted to help communicate their theory by digitizing and animating their original diagrams.

Primarily my interest here is that Fauconnier and Turner used diagrams to help describe their ideas, and that is what I think the future of communication involves. I think we are to get better at diagramming our ideas and manipulating those diagrams. I think the Conceptual Blending theory itself provides rich metaphors for thinking about specifying cognition-augmenting computer systems. I think there is a future for diagrammatic programming representations. I'm fumbling around exploring the possibilities of using art to make math and math to make art and dreaming of an uber visual programming and drawing toolspace.